Meet Our Team:

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Niamh Williams, CEO

“As CEO and Founder of Sub-Liminal Spaces, Ms. Williams’ drive, business savvy, and creative vision have pushed the limits of both the tech and tourism industries. By tapping in to a previously un-dreamed-of market, Ms. Williams has ensured the success and staying power of her company."

Percival Erridin, CAO

"Mr. Erridin has been a valuable asset to Sub-Liminal Spaces™️ since its foundation. With the inception of revolutionary new hiring practices, such as the Deep Learning Employee Candidate program, and the restructuring and gamification of Sub-Liminal Spaces™️ internal structure, Mr. Erridin has been a large component of what makes Sub-Liminal Spaces™️ so disruptive in the digital marketplace."

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Danion Hulais, Head of R&D

“Mx. Hulais has ushered Sub-Liminal Spaces™ to a new level of excellence. With their skills and expertise, they have pushed the quality of the company’s Experiences™ far beyond what was originally thought possible. Their presence within the company has brought renewed vigor and morale to all aspects of the business, and they are an irreplaceable asset.”

Nat Osborn, Head of QA

“With Nat on the team, Sub-Liminal Spaces™ Experiences™ have never been better. Nat’s attention to detail and dedication to ensuring that nothing passes their desk that isn’t of the utmost excellence has ensured that the company will remain competitive at the top of their field for years to come.”