What Are Sub-Liminal Spaces?

To put it in layman’s terms, Sub-Liminal Spaces™ are states that we can send your brain into to experience what isn’t possible in the purely physical world. We’ve been developing this technology for 8 years, and though it is still in its infancy, we have finally come to a point where we can begin to show the public what is really possible.


Using our proprietary technology, as well as various neuro-psychological techniques, we are able to give you control over a projection of your vital self (known as an Avatar) in an alternate dimension, by passing through a barrier (also known as a Veil) which traditionally prohibits movement between these points in spacetime.


By externally tapping into areas of the brain such as the amygdala, cerebellum, and certain areas of the forebrain, we can transport you to multiple periods or times which are traditionally unreachable. The technology isn’t fully understood yet, but it uses these general principles:

The wavelengths of the music and audio involved are at such frequencies that certain areas of your brain begin to fall asleep, so to speak. The electrical impulses become extremely regular and the typical function briefly ceases. They begin to come under external influence by molding to whatever data we give it using these frequencies. We use this to our full advantage to give you the best experience possible.


The visual aspect of your Experience™ works in similar ways, but is what augments your Experience™ once we are able to place your mind in this space. It feeds your brain the data that we are unable to transmit aurally. Initially, the visual experience may seem out of place or like nonsense, but it is all specifically designed to get you to exactly where we are telling you you are going on your Sub-Liminal™ journey. Occasionally, we may use flashing lights or images resembling abstract art to carve those neuronal connections subconsciously so that you are truly there, for all intents and purposes.

The tactile and olfactory factors are still under construction, but these are being used so that your experience is committed to memory. It is common knowledge that the olfactory centers of the brain are intertwined with your memory centers, so we are working on tapping into this so you can nearly put yourself back to this mental state. The tactile factor is a bit more complicated, but at this point in development we are quite sure it will serve as only an extension to the physical world, and will not be used as a primary component of your Experience™.

Our research in the neuropsychology and physiology behind this process is extensive, but is nowhere near completed. We are learning more with each new Experience™ and with each new trial run behind the scenes. We are positive you will enjoy your Experience™, and that it will be unforgettable.