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What Is LIMBO?

LIMBO is the newest Sub-Liminal Experience™ available from Sub-Liminal Spaces™. It is our first large, immersive environment that will be open to the public. It has performed very well in our test groups, so we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy it!


In this Experience™ you will be transported to another world. In this case, that world, specifically, is a form of Purgatory which takes the shape of an ever-changing city in a vast, empty landscape. This city is called Limbo.


During your time in Limbo, you will take on an Avatar within this other world, using our patented Sub-Liminal Techniques™ for putting you in a brain state which will facilitate a sort of astral projection through the spacetime barrier (called a Veil) between our world and Limbo. Your Avatar will be of an undead race, and belong to a House Hall with an Angelic or Demonic Patron. Where your adventure takes you from there is up to you to decide.

How Does It Work?

While all of our Sub-Liminal Experiences™ are wildly different in both content and presentation, this one in particular utilizes the user interface of a Discord server as its “virtual console” for navigating your Avatar through the world of Limbo. While it is technically possible for our tourists / Veilwalkers to connect with and control their Avatars purely through induced mental states, our previous tests have shown that having an interface of some sort, be it a video game or just a simple text field, increase Avatar response rates by up to 85%. We have chosen Discord as our virtual console this time around because this is intended to be a communal experience, and being able to see other tourists’ actions play out in real-time has shown up to a 43% increase in perceived “community inclusion” in our test groups.

how do i join?

On the launch date (indicated by the countdown timer below) we will be posting a link to join the Discord server here on our website, as well as on r/SubLiminal_Spaces, r/L_I_M_B_O, and all of our social media accounts.


Prior to joining the server, you will want to take the Placement Test, linked below. This will give you your House and undead race, which will inform how you navigate the world of Limbo. In the days leading up to launch, we will release detailed information on these Houses and Races of Limbo, so that you can be well-prepared to fill your role in the new world you will be exploring.


Rules and guidelines for conduct within the Discord server will be available on the server itself, as well as on r/L_I_M_B_O. These rules are in place to keep you and your fellow tourists safe while travelling beyond the Veil.


does it cost anything?

No! All of our Sub-Liminal Experiences™ are free to join (as of this posting). We are funded by generous sponsors. If you would like to support us, you can do so by donating to our Sponsors, so that they will continue to support our efforts in Virtual Interdimensional Tourism.

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