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gallery/daniela w.

Daniela W. Says:

“I was part of the test group for one of SLS’s earliest experiences, and I had a really great time. Sure, the tech they were using at the time was a little rough around the edges, but being able to see a whole new world was awesome! I’m signed up to do more beta tests with them in the future, and I can’t wait. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys things like VR games or role-playing.”

Asia S. Says:

“I participated in a test group for people who have recurring dreams. After a few intensive group sessions where we explained our dreams in extreme detail, we were able to explore them while we were awake, and even visit the sites of each others’ dreams. It was intense and awesome. And, funnily enough, ever since I did that I’ve been able to lucid dream pretty consistently.”

gallery/asia s.
gallery/shannon m.

Shannon M. Says:

"I was incredibly skeptical when my partner asked me to test out one of these experiences with them, but after piercing the veil, you can't call me anything except a convert. It was one of the most transformational experiences of my life, and it helped my partner and I grow closer together as people. I can't recommend SLS enough, no matter who you are, you should have the chance to experience what I did with them."

Mary L. Says:

"I took part in one of SLS's more refined experiences, while in the midst of testing. Me and my colleagues took it as a 'staff bonding' experience, and frankly it was amazing. We could to explore a whole new landscape, and go on an adventure you could never imagine from office life. It felt like we were collectively exploring a new world for the first time! Whether you're doing it alone or with a group, I would 100% recommend participating in one of SLS's experiences."

gallery/mary l.
gallery/sandeep s.

Sandeep S. Says:

“I was part of one of SLS’s test groups for the alpha version of their Recursion experience. It was definitely a weird experience, but it was also quite exhilarating. I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future, and I 100% recommend that you check them out.”

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